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FINER helps in articulating the policy perspective and needs of the industries to the government, other businesses, institutions and opinion leaders of the State and country. The objective is to discuss the issues of concern, push for critical policy reforms and initiate focused business and developmental action with government officials, industry leaders, investors, technocrats and the academic world. And, to impact public policy, FINER would interact with elected public representatives to exchange ideas on subjects ranging from finance, science and technology, defense to rural development.


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FINER is pro-active in organizing different events, workshops, meeting and seminars on behalf of the industries associated with it.  The Chamber also organizes special programs on subjects of topical interest to Members. The programs have participation of senior officers of various Ministries of Government and of other bodies and experts on various subjects who are available for consultation to members. These programs are carried out in the form of Human Resource Development programs, workshops, lecture-cum-discussions and seminars. Information about these programs is circulated to members through circular letters and the Bulletin.


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FINER has close linkages with strategic leaders and different institutions. A vital FINER business development dimension will be reaching out to different trade fair organizers at regional as well as national level to help promoting the industries of this region. FINER aims to act as catalyst between SME and the large industries through contract exchange for the growth of the economy in the State. Another aim is to market the growth potentiality of the state, particularly in the SME sector to benefit the economical growth. FINER encourages its members to participate in different exhibitions to build effective networks and linkages.

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