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ph31Tripura is one of the seven states in the north eastern part of India bounded on the north, west, south and south-east by Bangladesh whereas in the east it shares a common boundary with Assam and Mizoram. The location of Tripura is strategic in the International context, being between Bangladesh on one side and South East Asia on the other.

It is the second largest state in the North-Eastern region of the country in terms of population. The state is rich in natural and human resources with highly educated populace. It has a vast reserve of natural gas with high methanol content. There is a potential for setting up gas based fertilizer, methane, PVC, compressed natural gas and other related projects. The state grows a large variety of fruits like pineapple, orange, jackfruit and litchi which are of high quality with the scope for food processing units.

The Government of Tripura has made several efforts for attracting investment into the various sectors of the State. The investors can set up various industrial units by optimally utilizing the numerous resources as well as the incentives and schemes available in the State.

Tripura offers an investor-friendly environment. The Government welcomes investment into the state, from both domestic and foreign investors. Tripura Industrial Development Agency (TIDA) has been established to provide single-window service to investors in facilitating all necessary Government clearances.


Tripura has a vast reserve of natural gas in non-associated form. The gas is of high quality and the availability of superior quality natural gas at concessional price offers a great opportunity to prospective investors for setting up gas-based industrial units. Natural gas can also be utilized as a cheaper source of energy for various energy-intensive industrial projects.


The state government has identified food processing as a major thrust area and there is a vast potential for setting up of food processing units in this state. The agro-climatic condition of Tripura is ideally suited for production of a large variety of horticultural crops. The ‘Queen’ and ‘Kew’ varieties of pineapple, jampui oranges, lichis and cashew of Tripura are well known in the rest of the country and are largely organic in nature.


Tripura is considered as the second best IT destination of North East India. IT as well as IT-enabled services has been identified as one of the potential growth sectors of the state. The high literacy rate of this state provides an additional advantage for development of this sector because educated human resource, which is the most promising resource of Tripura, is an important requirement for the IT industry as it is a knowledge-based industry. There is also good network of schools and colleges spread across the state. The State Government has also accorded a unique status to this industry and special incentives have been announced for the IT industry in the new incentive package of the state.


Tripura is an attractive tourist destination with its rich cultural heritage. There are number of Hindu and Buddhist historical sites, rich flora and fauna and therefore, a great potential for the development of tourist routes, involving all the North Eastern states. In Tripura, hotels have been considered as an industry with a view to promote tourism. Hence, all incentives available to other industrial units are also available for setting up hotels.


Tripura has carved out a name for itself in the field of handicrafts from time immemorial. The gifted artisans of the state produce wonderful objects of crafts from materials like cane, bamboo and wood. Tripura's unique topography and the grace bestowed by nature on the hereditary artisans are the choicest blessings. Excellent variety of handicrafts using bamboo and cane are made by different ethnic groups of the state which have earned them great name and fame throughout the country. The state government of Tripura has initiated steps looking into the vast potential of the industry to grow, both in domestic as well as international markets. The state also welcomes and encourages private enterprise in this field.

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